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The Top Home Hospital Bed Accessories for Your Lifestyle

No one wants a home hospital bed. But, there are ways you can make the best of your situation and customize your space to your needs. Check out our list of the top home hospital bed accessories to ensure you or a loved one’s comfort and safety.


Railings are designed for safety and comfort. They prevent falls and injuries and provide the user and caregiver added peace of mind. There are numerous styles of railings on the market today – from a single side rail to a full railing system.

When choosing railings, keep in mind where the bed will be positioned and how often and where the user will exit the bed.

Transfer Handles

Hospital bed accessories are supposed to be functional. A transfer handle provides safe transfers to the user’s wheelchair, walker, or rollator. Available in a variety of forms, you can find the most comfortable option based on your needs. 

One of the most popular options is the Medline Mobility Transfer Handle that connects to the side of the bed. It also can serve as a partial railing to prevent falls.

Bedside Caddies and Tray Tables

Bedside caddies are convenient hospital bed accessories because they offer function and style. You can choose any color and material that suits your personality, and then store all the belongings you need while in bed, including your cell phone, remote control, tablet, books, glasses, and more. Add a tray table to make meals easier, and always have a place to set your drink down.

Bed Protectors

Home hospital beds are an investment you want to take good care of – prevent damage and stains with a hospital bed protector. Bed protectors are a no-brainer, as they are inexpensive, comfortable, and discreet!

Pull Up Handles

A very handy hospital bed accessory is a pull up handle. The Drive Trapeze Handle is one of the most popular options on the market. It hangs overhead for the user to grab and pull themselves into a seated position or lower themselves back into bed. Not only do handles provide independence for the user, but they also make it easy for another senior caretaker (such as a spouse) to rearrange your pillows!

Have questions about home hospital bed accessories or bed purchase and rental options? Find your nearest Mobility City store and connect with one of our highly-trained team members today!