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Celebrating Over 35 Years of Keeping People Mobile

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Meet Our Owners

Diane and Vinny Baratta

It is no accident that Vinny Baratta was destined to be in the medical field. Vinny’s dad was a physician along with his dad’s 4 brothers. The five MDs practiced medicine together in the Baratta Medical Center, a local Long Island success.

Vinny’s interests leaned heavily toward the mechanical. When he was not rebuilding his bike and go-kart, he would find his way into his grandfather’s Apothecary in Lindenhurst Long Island where he was taught medical business and developed a merchant mentality that stayed with him for life.

He attended La Salle Military Academy and the University of Tampa. Torn between becoming a doctor or going into business, he went to work in his father Medical Center to find his way. He would fix their wheelchairs and assist people with repairing their mobility equipment. Vinny decided that his calling in life would be to help disabled persons in need of products and services.

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How It All Started

We offer the largest selection of mobility equipment for rent and sale in Fort Lauderdale & Broward County, Florida. Stop in our showroom and see our selection!

  • 1968Under Grandpa’s Thumb

    My grandfather built an impressive Baratta’s Apothecary and Medical Center in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York. I loved to work with him helping to rent and sell wheelchairs, adjusting canes and crutches. This is where it all began.

  • 1983Building the Foundation

    After college, I started Omni Surgical Supply in the Home Medical Equipment Industry a full-service surgical supply store. It was exciting to be in my own business where I learned about the industry and how underserved veterans, seniors and the disabled were when it came to mobility equipment.

  • 1995Homecare America was Founded

    As, Omni grew, I converted it into a “The Superstore for Medical Equipment” named Homecare America. This attracted the attention of the CEO of a local hospital who wanted to create a continuum of care for his hospital’s patients. We agreed on a structure where he would own the location and we would provide the marketing and operations knowhow – that spelled “franchising.” With the support of Ernst and Young, we quickly grew to 18 locations. This business was purchased by a large medical distributor.

  • 1999So You Want to Retire?

    Moving to beautiful South Florida I quickly got bored and restless. Knowing that the graying of America was around the corner I started my next business called Mobility City to provide outstanding service with an interactive showroom and my famous racetrack. Every customer wants to test out what they were buying!

  • 2015It was a Saturday that Changed It All

    I was always open on Saturdays. Around 3 pm, a woman called and asked for help; her husband’s scooter was broken, and he was dependent on it. I told her that repairing mobility products is what we do. My technician went to her home the same day, and we changed the batteries in her husband’s scooter. He was mobile and independent again and she was a satisfied customer. That is the Mobility City’s “Win-Win” philosophy.

  • 2016I Met Diane

    On a dating website I met Diane. During dinner conversation, we discovered that our paths had already crossed! Yes, it was my company that went to her home, and gave back mobility to her late husband. As we spoke, we learned that we had many things in common. We fell in love and got married!

  • 2018Mobility City… Let’s Franchise and Take Over the Country

    Diane and I developed a model based on mobility equipment repairs, rentals, sales, sanitization, and service recognizing that outstanding customer service was the key to building successful locations. We evolved from technicians in service vehicles to include an interactive showroom with a large product selection. We are committed to provide each franchise with operations and marketing support.

  • 2020COVID Put Our Model to the Test

    Our STEAM 220® sanitization program was the right infection control solution for healthcare facilities. Despite the overall COVID-19 global impact, our franchise not only survived but scaled up brand operations and market presence growing to 18 locations in 15 states. And today it is still growing!

  • 2022 & BeyondMobility City 2.0

    Today the company focuses on operations efficiency without taking away from the elements that have made us successful. Our reach continues to expand as we perform white glove delivery and warranty work for over 90 national accounts including Manufactures, Internet sellers, Amazon, eBay, and big box retailers. Our model is simple: provide veterans, seniors, the disabled, and the injured, young, and old, with a quality experience as they search for mobility equipment. Ultimately, we provide the mobility impaired with independence and a better quality of life.
    That is the mission of Mobility City!

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A Note from Diane

My late husband was dependent on his mobility scooter during the last years of his life. One day, his scooter broke down in a Florida downpour. I was a hairdresser at the time, he was forced to endure the rain until I finally recruited a Good Samaritan to push his scooter back to our home.

With no help from the manufacturer or who I bought it from and call after call to local medical equipment dealers, I finally found a dealer who repaired scooters and made house calls. That is how I learned about Mobility City. They were great; they answered the phone, listened to my repair issue and his response was “that’s what we do and I can have a tech out to you this afternoon.” What a relief!

I understand what millions of people go through every day when their mobility equipment breaks down. One thing led to another, and we developed a unique partnership in Mobility City providing repairs, rentals and sales of all mobility equipment. In our first three years together, we awarded 26 franchises in 15 states to serve our customers, including seniors, people with disabilities, and assisted living facilities.

Vinny and I have a vision to be the largest and best mobility company in America providing repairs, rentals, sales, and sanitization.

We are committed to fulfilling our dream!

– Diane Baratta, CEO

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    After selling our local nursing homes, we were looking for a franchise opportunity where we could continue to help families and those in need to lead a better quality of life. Mobility City was a perfect fit to use our past experiences and contacts to continue to make a difference in our community.

    Michele and Jeff Varon, Mobility City of Greater New Orleans
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    Building a business these last two years that helps people regain their independence and freedom has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done. Providing an important service for those in our local community is incredibly satisfying… I look forward to many more years of helping people stay mobile and independent.

    Jase H., Mobility City of Salt Lake City
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    We chose Mobility City for our next business adventure because it gave us an opportunity to serve the community where we live and raise our kids. We want to help as many families as possible with their mobility issues and it is important to us to leave a positive, lasting impact in Gilbert and all of Phoenix AZ.

    Adriane and Shane P., Mobility City of Phoenix
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    I started my franchise ownership journey in 2020 with two criteria: I had to make enough money to pay my bills and go home every day feeling great about what I did for my customers. My first Mobility City franchise opened in 2021, and I could not be happier with my choice.

    Don G., Franchise owner and former banker
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    Mobility City is the best! On time! Kept me in the loop. If you need repairs, call them; they’re the best!

    Dell - Mobility City of Lakeland FL
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    Mobility City is THE company you need on speed dial if you depend on any mobility equipment to get around. They will come to your home, give you an estimate, and bring the parts to fix your scooter or chair!! They are fantastic. I’ve been using them since we moved to Denver area three years ago. They are the best!!

    Mary-Ann Bulpitt - Mobility City of Denver CO
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    The staff are very friendly and easy to talk with. They helped me get the right scooter for my needs. No pressure to buy and helped my wife understand how to take it apart to put into the back of her suv. I highly recommend mobility city.

    Karen Fryer - Mobility City of Springfield MO
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    As someone who works within the medical field I can not say enough good things about Mobility City! Their knowledgable and caring attitude was shown throughout our experience in selecting and purchasing a power chair. As a bonus, their pricing was very competitive. Excellent customer service!

    Shelley - Mobility City of Southfield MI
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