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Vehicle Lifts

Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts for Cars

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Hitch-Mounted Lifts

Hitch-mounted lifts (also called outside lifts) store your mobility scooter or wheelchair safely behind your vehicle. These lifts are best for sedans and smaller vehicles that cannot fit your mobility aid inside, but are also compatible with trucks, minivans, and vans. Take your mobility equipment wherever you go – without sacrificing cargo room!

Product Info

From the Manufacturer

Hitch-Mounted Lifts Specifications

  • Max Weight Capacity 50-400 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Harmar

About the Manufacturer

Harmar is a leading manufacturer of mobility solutions, specializing in wheelchair lifts, stairlifts, and vehicle lifts. Committed to innovation and quality, Harmar's products are designed for reliability, safety, and ease of use, empowering users to maintain independence. With decades of experience, Harmar sets the standard for accessible solutions that enhance lives.