Efficient Wheelchair Fleet Maintenance

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Wheelchairs are the most commonly-used mobility equipment in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab facilities across the country. But they can become a liability if they aren’t maintained properly. But, facility maintenance personnel don’t always have the time, skill, or necessary parts.

At Mobility City, we specialize in keeping your wheelchair fleet in good working order, with a focus on patient safety, infection control, and skin integrity. Once maintenance is complete, we sanitize all wheelchairs with our STEAM200 program that kills 99% of bacteria and viruses. We also provide thorough service records for state and accreditation inspections.

Facility Fleet Maintenance Services



We offer five (5) cost-effective, convenient, and proactive facility maintenance programs for you to choose from.

  1. Wheelchair Sanitization (includes labeling of equipment and maintenance checklist record)
  2. Wheelchair Sanitization & Repair (includes sanitization and all parts: arms pads, breaks, bearing, tips & caps)
  3. Wheelchair Sanitization, Repair & Upholstery (includes both sanitization and repair programs, plus equipment upholstery)
  4. Walker Sanitization (rollators and other walking equipment)
  5. Specialty Service & Sanitization (for patient lifters, hospital beds, medicine carts, and more)

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