Mobility Equipment Sanitization & Cleaning

At Mobility City, we use a clean and simple mobility equipment sanitization method to reduce the risk of spreading infection and disease.


Mobility City is Your Most Effective Mobility Equipment Sanitization Service Company

When was the last time you cleaned or sanitized your wheelchair or mobility scooter?

It’s never too late to start taking good care of your mobility equipment and yourself.

You may think that wiping down the surface of your mobility equipment with a soft, damp cloth is enough. But the truth is that most standard cleaning solutions that are safe for your mobility equipment don’t sanitize or kill bacteria or viruses.

At Mobility City, we use high-temp dry steam to safely and effectively sanitize your mobility equipment. Our STEAM220™ program is chemical-free and has been lab-tested to kill 99% of bacteria and viruses. We provide documentation for facility accreditation and state inspections.

Mobility Equipment Cleaning



  1. Removes dirt and foreign particles
  2. Reduces the risk of the user, caretaker, family members, or friends coming into contact with harmful bacteria
  3. Reduces the risk of bacteria spreading to other areas of the wheelchair or mobility scooter
  4. Decreases the number of non-sterilized bacteria living on the surface
  5. Eliminates the breeding ground for surviving germs
  6. Prevents corrosion of hinges and other areas that are susceptible to rust and holding bacteria



Sanitize Today

Feel safe and clean with our STEAM220 Program.


Today more than ever it’s essential to keep your mobility equipment clean and sanitized, especially if it has come into contact with bacteria. Every person and mobility equipment carries a level of bacteria but cleaning and sanitizing helps reduce the risk of the infection spreading.

Our STEAM220 program is clean and simple!