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5 Types of Wheelchair Ramps for Your Home or Business

A permanent concrete wheelchair ramp with a metal hand railing.

Are you considering installing a wheelchair ramp for your home or place of business? There are so many different options on the market, which can make selecting the right one difficult. We’ve broken down the five main types of wheelchair ramps available to help you choose the best option for you.

The Five Types of Wheelchair Ramps

The five types of ramps are threshold ramps, portable/folding ramps, suitcase ramps, permanent ramps, and modular ramps. Let’s take a deeper look at each option. 

A lightweight threshold wheelchair ramp that eases the transition at the entrance to a building.

Threshold Ramps

If you have a single step or uneven flooring, a threshold ramp may be right for you. Wheelchair threshold ramps are small, lightweight ramps that help wheelchairs/mobility scooters ease over differences in elevation of less than 6”.

They are easy to install and don’t require a ton of room. However, they can have a big impact on your daily travels around your home. We recommend this ADA-Compliant Aluminum Wheelchair Threshold Ramp for indoor and outdoor use over thresholds.

Portable/Folding Ramps

If you are in need of a temporary or portable solution, folding wheelchair ramps are excellent option. Whether you need to use a wheelchair short-term for surgery recovery or have a friend or family member coming to stay, a folding ramp provides the flexibility you need. And, you can even fold them up to travel with them wherever you go, like to a friend’s house or a rental vacation home.

Folding wheelchair ramps are available in bi-fold and tri-fold options. It is important to note that folding ramps are not considered fully ADA-compliant. They do not have railings, so they should only be used for limited residential use.

Suitcase Ramps

Suitcase ramps are the best portable wheelchair ramps. They fold down like many other portable ramps, but come with a built-in carrying case that resembles a suitcase. They are relatively lightweight and a great option for travel and improving the accessibility of all the places you go!

Permanent Ramps

These types of wheelchair ramps are typically made from metal, wood, concrete, or other permanent materials. Because these ramps cannot be moved once installed, a permit is typically required to build them, whether for residential or commercial use. 

Permanent ramps require more time and money to install, but they are also more customizable to your needs. If you are a daily wheelchair user, a permanent ramp for your home is likely the best option. Some permanent options can even be matched to the aesthetic of your home.

Modular Ramps

If you have an unusual or unique spot that you need to fit a ramp into, a modular ramp or configurable ramp system is perfect for you. These ramps have several standard parts that can fit your needs without requiring custom fabrication. This means they are somewhat more cost-effective than their custom counterparts.

Modular ramps are typically made of aluminum, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The ramp is delivered in sections and installed on-site to fit your space.Not sure which of the types of wheelchair ramps will work best for your home or business?

Ready to make a purchase? Find your nearest Mobility City store where our team can help you with all of your mobility needs.

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