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Tips for Renting Mobility Equipment While Traveling

Mobility Rentals on Vacation

When organizing a trip, it can be advantageous to consider renting medical equipment at your destination rather than lugging everything along with you. Some items may be too large to carry on a flight or transport in a vehicle, and renting ensures that you have all the necessary equipment throughout your journey. While hotels or cruise ships may offer certain equipment, specialized mobility equipment rental companies like Mobility City can provide a wide range of options tailored to your needs. The process of renting medical equipment with Mobility City for your trip is a simple, hassle-free experience that allows you to fully enjoy your travels.

Determine What Mobility Equipment You Will Need When Traveling

Having a clear understanding of the specific medical equipment you need, including details such as the manufacturer, make, and model (if possible), can save you valuable time when searching for suitable rental options. While hotels and cruise ships may have some basic equipment available, opting for a rental company like Mobility City ensures access to the specific equipment you’re accustomed to. When considering renting medical equipment for your trip, it’s worth exploring potential upgrades or alternatives to enhance your comfort. For example, a motorized recliner chair might be more beneficial than a regular recliner chair, depending on the nature of your journey. By carefully assessing your needs, you can easily find the right rental equipment that suits your requirements, making your trip more enjoyable. With over +30 stores across the US, we offer short and long-term rentals on several mobility items:

A) Wheelchairs and Transport Chair Rentals

B) Mobility Scooter Rentals

C) Power Chair Rentals

D) Lift Chair Rentals

E) Hospital Bed Rentals

F) Hoyer Patient Lift Rentals

We also offer a mobility equipment showroom at all of our locations that carries stock in a number of items and accessories if you don’t want to travel with them and get them while you are on your trip!

Explore the Mobility Equipment Rental Options at Your Destination

There are three primary options for renting medical equipment while traveling: utilizing the equipment offered by your hotel, cruise ship, or opting for an external rental company.

Checking what equipment is available at your hotel or cruise ship can be a convenient option when looking for basic items like wheelchairs or accommodations. However, it’s important to plan ahead and clearly communicate your specific needs, as the staff may not be as knowledgeable about medical equipment as you are.
Opting for renting mobility equipment through Mobility City offers several advantages, including larger inventories and the convenience of equipment delivery and pickup at your destination. With a number of locations in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, renting mobility equipment with Mobility City is easy and convenient. While we may not always have the exact same item you’re familiar with, our staff will work closely with you to provide a rental that closely matches your desired specifications and functionality but is tailored to fit you perfectly!

What to Consider When Renting Mobility Equipment While Traveling

Type of Mobility Equipment

Determine the specific type of mobility equipment you require, such as a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or walker. Consider your mobility limitations and choose the equipment that best suits your needs and preferences. 

Weight and Portability

If you plan to travel by air or need to transport the equipment frequently, opt for lightweight and portable models. Ensure that the equipment can be easily folded or disassembled for transportation and fits within the size restrictions imposed by airlines or other modes of transportation.

Accessibility of Destinations

Research the accessibility of your travel destinations. Determine if there are any potential obstacles, such as uneven terrain, steep slopes, or narrow doorways, that may affect your mobility. Choose equipment that is suitable for the environment you’ll encounter during your trip.

Rental Duration

Consider the length of your trip and determine the duration for which you’ll need the equipment. At Mobility City, we offer daily, weekly, or monthly rates on our mobility equipment rentals. Contact a store near you or near your vacation destination to learn more!

Equipment Specifications

The more detailed information we can get about your requirements, the better! Communicate your height, weight, and any specific features you need, such as adjustable seats or armrests. This will help our teams recommend the most suitable equipment for your comfort and safety.

Insurance Coverage

Check if your existing insurance or travel insurance covers the rental equipment. If not, discuss options at the Mobility City location you will be renting from!

Training and Support

At Mobility City, we’re here to make sure you’re fully comfortable with your rental equipment. When we get it to you, one of our trained technicians will provide you with a full walk-through of the equipment to ensure you are comfortable operating it yourself. We’re also available by phone to assist with any questions that may arise during your rental period. 

Reviews and Recommendations

Before finalizing your rental decision, read reviews and seek recommendations from other travelers who have rented mobility equipment at your destination. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the reliability and quality of different rental companies.

At Mobility City, we pride ourselves on the customer experience. We encourage you to look at our reviews because helping others improve their quality of life is our #1 goal and the reviews help prove it!

Booking Your Rental Mobility Equipment

Mobility equipment rentals do go fast in busy vacation months. We recommend contacting one of our Mobility City locations to discuss options and arrangements before you travel, but we’ll always try to accommodate when we can!

Vacation and travel can be made incredibly easy and enjoyable, even for individuals with mobility needs. With the assistance of Mobility City, a trusted provider of mobility equipment rentals, you can embark on your next adventure with confidence. Whether you require a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or other specialized equipment, Mobility City’s wide range of options ensures that you’ll find the perfect solution for your specific needs. 

With locations throughout the United States, our convenient services are easily accessible to travelers nationwide. Don’t let mobility limitations hold you back from exploring the world. Contact Mobility City today and schedule a rental for your next trip, unlocking the freedom and flexibility to experience unforgettable moments wherever your journey takes you.