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The Top Mobility Equipment Accessories to Personalize Your Mobility Device

Mobility devices like wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers, and rollators don’t have to be boring. The best way to fully incorporate your mobility device into your life is to make it your own and customize it with mobility equipment accessories.

Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Accessories

These accessories are great options for wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

Baskets & Bags

Wheelchair and mobility scooter baskets can help you keep your hands free for other tasks. They are great for holding everything from groceries to personal belongings, depending on your daily routine. Front baskets are available for quick access, while rear baskets are generally larger and sturdier for more significant storage. 

If you’re looking for more flexible storage, bags might be a better wheelchair accessory option for you. They offer a variety of small compartments and can be installed to the backrest or armrest of your mobility device. Insulated cooler bags are also available to keep your lunch or groceries cold while you travel!

Cup Holders & Phone Mounts

In addition to more general storage, it’s helpful to have specific storage for the items you reach for most.

Whether you’re a coffee fiend or just like to stay hydrated, cup holders are an essential wheelchair and mobility scooter accessory. They conveniently snap onto your mobility device to hold your beverage on the go, and many can even hold oversized cups. 

A smartphone mount is another great mobility equipment accessory if you want to remain hands-free while staying connected. Pro tip – add your grocery list to your smart phone and use your phone mount to keep your hands free to shop!

Cushions & Backrests 

Seat cushions are another great mobility equipment accessory for support and stability. With many style options available, you can choose cushions to address your specific needs, aches, and pains, and are waterproof and/or temperature-controlled.

If you struggle with your lower back, consider adding a backrest with lumbar support. If you need full support, choose a backrest to stabilize the spine and torso. You can even opt for a headrest for additional support. Cushions and backrests are even recommended by many doctors to help with pressure distribution and protect skin from sores and ulcers. 

Armrest & Footrests 

While mobility devices are built to last, armrests can lose their padding over time with consistent use. We recommend replacing or upgrading your armrest pads for ultimate comfort and protection.

New footrests are another simple upgrade, with tons of options to choose from, including:

  • Swing-away footrests for ambulatory wheelchair users
  • Elevated, cushioned pads
  • Shoe holder straps to prevent feet from sliding
  • Elevated leg rests for calf support 

Wheel Locks & Ramps

These days, many wheelchairs come with wheel locks. For those that don’t, we highly recommend adding them after purchase.

Wheelchair locks are lightweight, easy to install, and key for safety. They prevent involuntary movement while seated, and are the ultimate safety feature to keep your wheelchair in place when standing, transferring, or resting on an uneven surface.

If you’re looking for more safety options to maintain independence with your mobility device, you may also want to consider installing a ramp (or several) in or around your home. With both permanent and portable solutions available, we offer numerous options to fit your needs. 

Style Upgrades 

Mobility equipment accessories aren’t just for functionality – they can be fun, too! Don’t hesitate to take some time to make your mobility device your own.

Available options include:

  • Custom cushion covers
  • Personalized flags
  • Horns (for safety and fun)
  • Designer storage bags
  • Wheel rim covers and decals
  • Stickers and vinyl trim

Walker and Rollator Accessories

Check out these accessories for walker and rollator users to make your mobility equipment your own.

Baskets & Bags

Baskets and bags aren’t just for mobility scooter and wheelchair users – they also make great rollator accessories. 

Options like the Clever Lite Rollator Basket can turn your rollator into a personal shopping cart. They are easy to install and remove for the flexibility you need. Mobility aid bags can also help with carrying personal belongings. You can choose a simple pouch with a few storage compartments or opt for a full bag equipped to carry everything you need for your daily travels. 

Cup Holders & Phone Mounts

Cup holders can also be installed as a rollator accessory. With many options available, they are great for taking a cup of coffee on-the-go or keeping water handy while you’re out and about. There are even swivel options that optimize space and usability. 

Cellphone and tablet mounts are also great rollator and walker accessories. Keep your smartphone at your fingertips so you can chat with friends and family, check your grocery list, or watch videos on the go.


Ramps are the safest way to navigate changes in elevation with your rollator or walker. Whether you’re looking for a portable suitcase ramp or a permanent mobility ramp for the entrance to your home, a ramp is a must-have mobility equipment accessory for true independence. 

Walker Skis

Say goodbye to dirty tennis balls! Replace your old, broken, or lost walker feet with Drive Walker Glide Skis. These inexpensive, easy-to-install walker accessories will help you safely glide your walker across most surfaces without worrying about falling or injury. Not only are they far safer and cleaner than tennis balls – they also look stylish and sleek.

If you’re looking for assistance choosing the best accessories for your mobility aid, our team can help! Find your nearest Mobility City store, where our trained professionals can help you personalize your mobility device to your specific needs.