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Is a Lift Chair Recliner Rental Right for You?

A man using the sit-to-stand assistance of his lift chair recliner.

Lift chair recliners provide function and relaxation for people of all ages. But purchasing a lift recliner is a big investment that isn’t right for everyone. Today, we’ll be taking a look at lift chair recliner rentals – their use cases, benefits, and features to consider.

Why Opt for a Lift Chair Recliner Rental?

Renting a lift chair recliner is cost-effective and flexible. Here are some of the many reasons a lift chair recliner rental might be right for you.

Post-Op Recovery

Lift chair recliners are a perfect tool for recovering from surgery. Thanks to their sit-to-stand assistance, you won’t need any core strength to transfer in and out of your chair. This makes a lift chair recliner rental especially handy after abdominal surgery or a longer hospital stay.

Injury Recovery

Renting a lift chair recliner is also great if you’re recovering from an injury. Many lift recliners offer infinite positions so everyone can find a comfortable position to rest and recover in. You may even find your chair comfortable enough to sleep in, eliminating the need to transfer in and out of a bed. And, the sit-to-stand assistance can provide you independence and freedom during your recovery, especially if you live alone.

Comfort & Luxury

We have tons of customers who rent a lift recliner for football season or over the winter holidays. It’s a great way to treat yourself or a loved one to a little added comfort and luxury without the investment of purchasing a chair. From heat and massage features to uber-comfortable, custom positions, people of all ages and abilities can find enjoyment from a lift recliner.


Finally, a lift chair recliner rental can be a great option even if you are considering buying a chair for long-term use. Renting first allows you to try out different chairs and see which is most comfortable for you and which features you actually use. After renting, you can make a far more informed decision about which recliner you should purchase.

A woman relaxing in her lift chair recliner rental.

How Can a Lift Chair Recliner Help?

Sure, lift chair recliners are comfortable, but how can they help when it comes to recovery and short-term use? Let’s take a look at the features that lift chair recliner rentals can offer.

Sit-to-Stand Assistance

The most obvious way that a lift chair recliner can help you short-term is with sit-to-stand assistance. In addition to reclining, these chairs also incline forward to help you transfer out. That means less stress on your joints, back, and core muscles.

Limitless Positions

Many lift chair recliners offer virtually infinite positions, allowing you to get and stay comfortable with ease. Keep your legs elevated to improve circulation and healing after surgery. Or, lie completely flat to get some quality rest without transferring in and out of bed.

Heat & Massage

Finally, try a lift chair recliner rental that offers heat and massage. Whether you’re dealing with tight muscles, arthritis, or discomfort after a fall or accident, a lift recliner can help you relax in complete comfort. A heated rental lift chair recliner can also simply help you keep warm and cozy over the winter!

Mobility City offers short- and long- term lift chair recliner rentals. Our experts are standing by – find your local Mobility City location to call or stop by today!

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