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How to Customize Mobility Equipment 

Mobility devices like wheelchairs and mobility scooters help people regain their independence and stay mobile. But, off-the-rack solutions can sometimes fall short in terms of comfort and style. The good news is that you can easily customize mobility equipment to make sure it fits all of your needs. Here are four ways to make your mobility aid uniquely yours!

1. Expand Your Storage 

There are numerous storage options available when it comes to customizing your mobility scooter. Adding storage to your mobility aid will help keep your hands free to propel your chair or steer your scooter.

When customizing your wheelchair or mobility scooter, think about the items you carry daily. Trying to stay hydrated (or can’t go anywhere without your morning coffee)? A simple cup holder can make life so much easier. Looking for easy access to your cell phone? Smartphone holders can mount your phone to your device for on-the-go use. 

Once you have sorted out your small item storage, it’s time to think bigger. Bags and baskets can hold everything you need whether you’re grocery shopping or out for a day at the park There are tons of styles and designs available for both wheelchairs and scooters so you can find the perfect solution for you.

2. Upgrade Your Comfort

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time mobility aid user, comfort is everything. Customizing your wheelchair or mobility scooter means making comfort your top priority.

Before you consider any additions for comfort, make sure you understand the basics of wheelchair fitting and have a wheelchair or scooter that fits your body correctly.. A poor-fitting mobility device can’t be fixed by accessories!

From there you can customize mobility equipment with cushions, backrests, headrests, armrests, and footrests. All of these accessories are adjustable and can be tailored to your specific comfort needs. And, many offer significant comfort improvements over the padding your mobility device comes with.

3. Improve Your Safety

Mobility devices are supposed to provide independence, but they should also give you peace of mind that you’ll be safe on the go. 

When making wheelchair and mobility scooter customizations, wheel locks and wheel clamps are great accessories to consider that can make your ride safer. 

Wheelchair wheel locks keep your device in place, whether you live in a hilly area or just need a safe way to take a break while going up a ramp. They’re lightweight and easy to install, making them a no-brainer customization.

While mobility ramps aren’t technically connected to your mobility aid, they’re another great “accessory” to consider. In addition to traditional ramps that provide an alternative to stairs, you may also want to look into threshold ramps. If you have different types of flooring in your home, threshold ramps can provide a smoother ride in and out of rooms, without having to push yourself over floor transitions.

A young woman using a customized red wheelchair with yellow reflectors.

4. Show Your Personality

While safety and comfort should always come first, customizing your mobility device can also be fun! Make your wheelchair or mobility scooter your own with custom cushion covers, wheel decals, flags, horns, and more. Do whatever brings you joy!

Looking for assistance when choosing wheelchair and mobility scooter customizations? Our team can help! Find your nearest Mobility City store, where our trained professionals can help you personalize your mobility device to your specific needs.