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How to Choose a Rental Wheelchair

A woman pushes her father in a wheelchair on a bright, early spring day

Whether you need a rental wheelchair for a day or as a longer-term solution, you deserve a reliable, comfortable mobility aid. Here’s what to focus on when choosing a rental wheelchair.

Getting the Right Fit   

When renting a wheelchair, most providers will give you whatever wheelchair they have in stock, regardless of if it is the ideal fit for your needs. A poorly-fitted wheelchair can lead to pain and discomfort and even cause medical issues when used longer term.

When it comes to wheelchair fitting, Mobility City’s team of experts is here to help. When you stop by our store, our technicians will review several aspects of your potential wheelchair fit, including:

  • Size
  • Weight requirements 
  • Leg and foot rest height and elevation 
  • Types of back support 

They can also assist you with rental accessories to make your ride more comfortable and functional. Cupholders, phone chargers, and more are all available upgrades.

Receiving Your Rental Fast 

Rental wheelchairs often require a quick turnaround. Whether you’re dealing with an injury, an out-of-town guest, or a last minute vacation, Mobility City is here for you.

While it’s always best to provide a little notice, many of our rentals can be picked up same day. We take great pride in the size of our rental wheelchair fleet. It allows us to find everyone a great fit, even on short notice.

Making It Convenient

Often times, customers come to us looking for a rental wheelchair because of an accident or injury that has rendered them immobile. The last thing they want to figure out is how to get to their local mobility store.

The good news is that Mobility City delivers! Whether you need a wheelchair rental delivered to your home, work, or even an event or theme park, we’re happy to help. And, when you’re done, we’ll pick up your wheelchair as well – even if it’s not the same place we dropped it off!

And, if you have any trouble with your rental, our team is available to you for troubleshooting and repairs as needed. Our goal is to help you stay mobile, independent, and safe.

The Bottom Line

Never settle when choosing a rental wheelchair. While you may have previously been forced to settle for a one-size-fits-all transport chair, that’s no longer the case. Stop by your local Mobility City store today to try out our fleet – or give us a call and let us bring a few options to you!

Find your nearest Mobility City store, where our trained professionals can help you find the perfect rental wheelchair for you!

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